Smartphone and Tablet Repair

before and after comparison of repaired smartphone

Cracked screen? Water damage? Wireless Repair by George is Fargo–Moorhead’s premier smartphone/cell phone repair store. With low repair costs and quick turn around time, our technicians are on it. Many repairs can even be done while you wait. Call or stop by our 13th Ave. store.

Brands and Models We Can Repair

  • iPad
  • iPhone
  • Samsung
  • Nokia
  • Blackberry
  • Motorola
  • Laptops
  • Game consoles
  • Soldering

*We specialize in mobile devices, and also do custom iPhones.

  • iphone screen
    Screen Problems
    • Cracked screen
    • White screen
    • Blank screen
    • Lines running through the screen
    • “Tie-dye” effect
    • “Bleeding” LCD
    • Black spots or ink spot
  • water damage
    Water Damage
    • Submerged in water
    • Water Spilled
    • Moisture
    • Water damage stickers turn Red
  • physical problems
    Physical Problems
    • Phone broken into pieces
    • Phone was accidentally dropped
    • Buttons on side of phone are not working
  • audio problems
    Audio Problems
    • Sound fades in and out during calls
    • No ring tone
    • Very low sound; even when volume is at high
  • power problems
    Power Problems
    • Charging port is loose, is bent/ broken
    • Phone will not charge
    • Phone will not hold charge
    • No power
    • Overheating
  • keypad problems
    Keypad Problems
    • Entire keypad malfunctions
    • Keys are stuck
    • Missing keys
    • Keys are pressing on their own
  • signal problems
    Signal Problems
    • No signal
    • Drop calls
    • Static